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With Ben Lee – Award-Winning Agency Owner, Tech Pioneer, Inc.’s 30 Under 30

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What Ben's Clients Say:

“The approach that you’ve had has been phenomenal... I know you work on a lot of great projects. But this is truly going to impact and transform people’s lives. I just want you to know I’m grateful to have you as a partner.”

Tony Robbins

A-List Entrepreneur, NYT Best-Selling Author, World-Renowned Life Coach 

“Ben’s team have been invaluable development partners for us. Their understanding of agile development, coupled with their technical chops make each project extremely fun and exciting to work with them on.”

Snoop Dogg

Grammy-Nominated Rapper, Cultural Icon, Angel Investor

“Ben’s team took the time to help us understand the process, costs, and time investment involved in the project. They will be our first stop.”

Chelsea Handler

A-List Comedian, NYT Best-Selling Author, Netflix Host



Generate More Qualified Leads

Charger Higher Rates

Increase Project Profitability

Optimize Your Agency

Scale Your Company to 8-Figures

Create an Award-Winning Portfolio

Productizing Your Offerings

Build Systems/KPI's

Master the Art of Estimating


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I started my career as a busboy at a Hollywood nightclub…

And became an 8-figure agency owner, innovator for Google, Spotify, Snoop Dogg, & Chelsea Handler, & member of Forbes' “15 Influencers to Watch”... 

Before I turned 30. 

So, how did a college dropout (oh yeah, I dropped out of college FYI) rise to the top of the creative/tech/digital world in such a short time?

I’ll tell you. It’s because of THE CREATIVE PLAYBOOK...

I should probably explain. You’re busy. So, I’ll keep it brief…

The Playbook was born during a challenging time, as many great ideas are. 

If I didn’t find a way to attract major clients & improve our revenue fast, we were going under. 

So, I put together a step-by-step blueprint for growing our business, skyrocketing our brand, and flipping the industry on its head. 

I called it...The Creative Playbook. 

In a flash, we had Fortune 100 brands banging down our door...

My team achieved financial freedom and creative fulfillment…

I racked up 150M views of my own content on social…

And scaled our company to 8 figures.  

The Playbook led to partnerships with the A-list clients of my dreams...and I was featured in every major digital publication you can imagine. 

Now, it’s time to give something back. 

Before this, you had to hire me as a consultant ($1K/hour+) or pay my agency $15K (min.) in fees to get your hands on this. 

But now, I’m gifting you access to the Playbook for FREE. Click here to join right now. 

The first 1,000 people to join will get Part 1 totally free. And if you refer a friend, and your friend joins, I’ll give you both Part 2 for FREE, as well... 

Just to say thanks for being a member of this community. 

Look, nobody in the industry wants me to take you behind the curtain. 

But you deserve to know the way this world really operates – and how to massively separate yourself from the competition. 

So, if you want to level up your life and career & scale your business to 7 or 8 figures this year...join the Creative Playbook right now

To: Fellow Creatives & Future Millionaires

A Letter from Ben Lee

P.S. I’m not kidding. Right now, Part 1 of the Playbook is totally FREE. But I can’t promise you it’ll be free tomorrow. It’s only for the first 1,000 people who join. So, don't miss out. Stop whatever else you’re doing...and start your free training right now. I promise you, you’ll be very glad you did. - BL


Before this, the only way to get access to this blueprint was by paying a huge agency fee ($15K+) or by hiring me as a consultant ($10K/day). 


But now, I’m giving it to you...for FREE. (People in the industry are going to be pissed). 


Hey, it’s time to start giving something back. 🙏


This course answers ALL the questions I had when I was first starting out.  



I've worked with so many cool brands & celebrities, and helped generate billions of dollars in value for my clients...why not share the formula. 


So, I finally blocked off a month and filmed the first course for you (The Creative Playbook, the foundation of my system). 


I filmed it with Snoop Dogg's video team, so your viewing experience is world-class. 


And I decided not to hold anything back…


I pulled back the curtain to show you exactly how I’ve been able to build & 10X optimize the biggest brands in the world (Disney, Spotify, TikTok), work with A-list celebrities on their passion projects, sell my agencies, monetize my social media…& live a more creative and fulfilling life.  

"Ben, why don't you have your own content studio?"

Build a company 

Scale my teams 

Get more leads 

Start selling microservices 

Attract more followers 

Monetize my personal brand 

Exit for 8 figures 

The Creative Playbook Checklist

Look, YOU can do everything I’ve done in my career...

You just need a system to follow. 

The Creative Playbook eliminates all the guesswork and fear of “the process”…


And gives you a proven, end-to-end system to blow your goals out of the water. 

So, if you want to grow your business, become an influencer, & make a major impact on the world around you, join the Creative Playbook right now. I’ll show you how to make your goals for the future...a reality. 



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